5 Jun 2020 | News

We are proud to have collaborated with the renowned NAIDOC artist, Daren Dunn. Daren is from the Aboriginal Gamilaroi Tribe in NSW, Australia. He has a passion for living, people, art, culture, health and well-being. He is also a very keen golfer and has created designs for many sports people around the world, most notably David Beckham and even the Royal Family.

Daren has created a unique collection, featuring Australian flora interwoven with a unique story from his culture.

Yarraan – featured on the Men’s Polo

Yarraan is a Gamilaroi name for gumtree. Daren’s mother and her sisters gathered woody fruits, leaves and flowers to add colour and perfume to their home. Sometimes they use the wooden fruit to make jewellery.

Traditional practices continue over thousands of generations by his people. They teach children and live and care for each other and their lands.

Ngabaan – featured on the Women’s Polo and Skort

Ngabaan is the Gamilaroi name for Naipan, a fruit bearing bush found and gathered in Daren’s tribal region. This design is a connection with nature – the gathering and studying of plants and flowers. Painted amongst the fruits and flowers we find the men, women and children collecting and preparing the fruit together.

December 13, 2021 — Cooper Denny