Who wears Red Belly…

19 Jun 2021 | News

Inspiring and special stories from those who love to rock Red Belly Active.

We are proud to feature Sue Muller who plays her golf at Cromer Golf Club in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Sue has always loved going to the gym and qualified as a fitness and aerobics instructor after being a gymnast at school. She started working with a personal trainer a few years ago who encouraged her to consider body building.

Sue at 62, and after 4 years of training, learning all about the technicalities around nutrition, hydration and training correctly, won medals competing at the ladies Figure Masters division at the Australian Bodybuilding Federation event over the last two years.

Sue loves her golf (has a GA of 16) and says that body building gave her increased focus, concentration and confidence while on the course. She also doubled her distance off the tee!

Red Belly Active has become her brand of choice – she loves how it feels on. The fit is fabulous she says and the styles are so different. Sue also says she feels ‘hot’ in her golf outfits – and who wouldn’t want that?! 

Thank you for rocking Red Belly Sue and for shining a light on confidence, commitment and a ‘can do’ attitude!

We hope Sue inspires you too 🙂

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